It’s Time for Transition

June 30, 2014, Norwalk, CT

Since its inception in 2005, the Norwalk Children’s Foundation (NCF) has worked diligently to do whatever it takes to make a positive and sustained impact in the lives of Norwalk’s children. NCF has created and strengthened services that help Norwalk’s children get a better start in life, and it has provided Norwalk’s children with support programs that can lead them toward the path of opportunity. Having invested over $3 million in the Norwalk community, NCF has impacted the lives of thousands of children and their parents, and it has played a key partnership role in larger initiatives that will provide a foundation for the future.

It is to this end that we are delighted by the evolution of Norwalk ACTS, and the collective impact approach it has adopted to drive its cradle-to-career initiative. We share the same core values of accountability, alignment of programs and resources, and an emphasis on measurable outcomes. In fact, our two missions are so closely aligned that it is our firm belief that to duplicate efforts is not the best use of time, talent or funds. Therefore, NCF’s Board of Directors has voted affirmatively to assume a “hibernation” role in order to actively and effectively support the efforts and direction of Norwalk ACTS. In doing so, NCF will be making one final grant of $50K in support of Norwalk ACTS, and for the time being will effectively cease operations under the NCF name. Our Directors and staff will turn their efforts toward ensuring that Norwalk ACTS is successful in its vision of making Norwalk the healthiest city in America for a child to grow up in, from cradle to career.

We are extremely proud of the work NCF has done within the community and we are thankful to our partners who have worked so steadfastly with us to strengthen the web of resources available to Norwalk’s children. We are excited about Norwalk’s future and the landscape that Norwalk ACTS is working to achieve. Collectively we will effect real and lasting change for Norwalk’s children.

Rev. Lindsay E. Curtis
Chairman, NCF Board of Directors
Member, Norwalk ACTS Advisory Council

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